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Description of [Tags]

[Tags] are used to indicate the content of a story. Most are quite obvious:

  • [mf] male/female activity
  • [mm] male/male (gay) activity
  • [ff] female/female (lesbian) activity

If there's more than two individuals involved at once, simply add more 'm' and 'f' characters as necessary: [mmf] [mfff] [mmmmffff]

There are many other tags to indicate content:

  • [nc] Non-consensual. Rape or other non-consensual sexual scenes
  • [yaoi] Homosexual male subject
  • [mast] scene involving masturbation
  • [fant] scene involving fantasizing or dreaming
  • [toys] scene involving sexual toys
  • [bond] scene involving bondage
  • [oral] scene involving oral sex
  • [anal] scene involving anal sex
  • [drug] scene involving drug use (for sexual purposes), most probably for mind control or other behavioral changes
  • [mc] mind-control
  • [tentacles] scene involving those ever popular naughty tentacles
  • [spank] scene involving spanking
  • [fd] FemDom. Scene involving female domination
  • [md] MaleDom. Scene involving male domination
  • [bdsm] [bd] [sm] scene involving bondage/domination/sado-masochism
  • [insect] yes... involves sex scene with insect(s)
  • [best] scene involving sex with animal(s)
  • [cross] scene involving cross-dressing
  • [viol] violence (not necessarily non-consensual)
  • [fur] furry (human/anthropomorphic)
  • [rom] romance!

You can use as many as you like in any combination to indicate what's in your story.