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Some fan-fiction links

The Anime Web Turnpike: The definitive anime web ressource center. Including a fan-fiction section with the largest quantity of links.

Fan-fiction ML archive: The archive of stories posted on the Fan-Fiction Mailling list.

H Tails: Kimagure Orange Road Fan Fiction: A few Kor H tails by Inaba.

Stone Age Productions!: Stoner's own fanfiction page.

Adult Millenium: a Sailor Moon H fan-fiction archive.

Gundam Wing Yaoi fanfic: An archive of Yaoi Gundam Wing fan-fiction.

RTeker's Lemon Home Page!: A small archive of several lemon Fan-fiction.

Ryan Anderson's Fanfiction!: Ryan's fan-fiction page, also includes the Aikan Muyo page.

Ian's Erotica Archive: Not anime, but full of erotic fictions.

Sakurambo's Urusei Yatsura Fanfiction Archive: as the title says.

Tenchi Muyo Fan Fiction: A rather complete Tenchi Muyo fan-fiction page.

The Grey Archive: It doesn't hold that much anime fanfiction, but it has a lot of adult fanfics.


The Ultimate Animanga Archive: Probably the best source of anime/manga pictures on the web.

CG Picture Galery: Tons of Fan-art/CG pictures of anime or vidgames girls.