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Newcrossover: Red Under Tiger Skin (Chapter 1 - Master Megane) by Megane Guard
was added on 05-09-2001.
NewTenchi Muyou: Sasami's Quest (Part 3:) by Azathoth
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NewStar Ocean: The Second Story: Star Ocean: The Untold Story by Lord Miedo
was added on 05-09-2001.
NewSlam Dunk: An After-training shower is good for the... muscles by Minako
was added on 05-09-2001.
NewSailor Moon: Multipart: 2 parts. (In a State of Mercury) by The Screaming Flame
was added on 05-09-2001.
NewSailor Moon: A Princess's Ransom by The Hentai Angel
was added on 05-09-2001.
NewNeon Genesis Evangelion: The Kensuke Episode by Violence Jack
was added on 05-09-2001.
NewNeon Genesis Evangelion: Rainy Day Blues by Violence Jack
was added on 05-09-2001.
UpdatedNeon Genesis Evangelion: Multipart: 2 parts. (Object of One's Desire (Official Sequel to the Unofficial Sequel)) by Jonathan Gaters
was updated on 05-09-2001.
NewNeon Genesis Evangelion: Gone Drinkin' by Alex Gordon [Homepage]
was added on 05-09-2001.
NewNeon Genesis Evangelion: Final Exams Suck by Violence Jack
was added on 05-09-2001.
NewNeon Genesis Evangelion: Damn Giant Beer Cans by Violence Jack
was added on 05-09-2001.
NewNeon Genesis Evangelion: Blatantly Gratuitous by Violence Jack
was added on 05-09-2001.
NewMiscellaneous: Rolf's Enchantment by Tamahome
was added on 05-09-2001.
NewDragon Ball: Our Last Night by Jose
was added on 05-09-2001.
NewDragon Ball: I have to tell you something by saiyangohan2
was added on 05-09-2001.
NewBurn Up W: Settling the Score by Rosesthorns
was added on 05-09-2001.
NewBondage Fairies: Adventures of Pfil and Pamila Part One by Alex Gordon [Homepage]
was added on 05-09-2001.
Changes on 05-08-2001:
oWild Arms 2:Tears for Fears by DarkStryder.
oSailor Moon:One Last Time by Tweety.
oSailor Moon:Just a matter of Chance? by the Yarnspinner [Homepage] .
oSailor Moon:Enough! by the Yarnspinner [Homepage] .
oRurouni Kenshin:Harigata by Nodoka [Homepage] .
oRurouni Kenshin:After Sunset by Yukishiro Kirei.
oRanma:The Amazon, The Tomboy, and The Kunoichi by D.B. Sommer [Homepage] .
oPokemon:Under the Moonlight by Sira.
oNadesico:Uncontrolled Tenkawa! by The 10 o'Clock Assassin [Homepage] .
oHime-chan no ribbon:Ties that Bind by Kourika.
oGundam Wing:Aggressions Turn Softer by Trista Smith.
oEl Hazard:Quit Pining Over Ifurita! by The 10 o'Clock Assassin [Homepage] .
oDragon Ball:Trouble by Selfindulgent.
oBurn Up W:Rio Needs Money! by The 10 o'Clock Assassin [Homepage] .
oBloody War 2:New Age (Chapter 1 - Relaxing) by Anonimousy.
Changes on 06-25-2000:
  Mutations Wedding Night Blues Night at Cinq Kingdom Crimson Night Guard Duty Multipart: 7 parts. (Deus Ex Jenova) The Forest Path Celebration Scales and Fur Fur Fun Fun For Three Fairie Flight Garden Interlude
Changes on 06-24-2000:
  Secret Love Multipart: 3 parts. (Brain Elves) Ryouga's Surprise (Part 1) A Poker Game Body Heat Ganondorf's Lover (Part 1) Multipart: 2 parts. (The H Adventures of Jonny Quest) Snowflakes Crown You King Vegeta & Bulma's Honeymoon
Changes on 06-23-2000:
  To Protect and Comfort New Game Gang Bang on Ken Hate and Affection Every Lesson Learned (part 1) Sometimes Love Can Be Enough Kore wa Futari no Toki (This is a time for two) Constant Craving Reunion Dawning Upon Me Now A Wish Fulfilled Take Me Out to the Bathhouse A Wet Dream Come True The Sensual Cerulean Sisters Poke Passion Be Careful Who You Trust Hidden Angel (part 1) Multipart: 5 parts. (Hentai of Time) A Saria story Hime ni Naru Multipart: 4 parts. (The Claiming of Duo Maxwell) Origin of Shinigami Aggressions Love Through A Poem (A true love has touched down) A Perfect Night Quit pining over Ifurita! Multipart: 8 parts. (Dominion Conflict One) Multipart: 2 parts. (Love that Spans the Brink of Time) A naughty dream from Skuld
Changes on 06-22-2000:
  Multipart: 2 parts. (The K + B Connection) Can Lina Handle the power of the Lord of Nightmares? (Part 1) Wrath of Washu Love in the Castle part 1 Trapped The Party Lemon Chocolate Learning To Love Bedtime for Luna: Artemis's Excursion Allergic to Truth Equal Frustration Dragon's Heart Ryoga's Revenge Instinct The Pool Starts It Pure Sex Pokemon 1.1 Tounge Multipart: 3 parts. (NGE continuation) removed Victoria's Tale removed The Undead: Power Vacuum removed The Undead: John's Tale removed The Ambition of Nagash removed Sex Saga removed Servant of Nagash removed Realm Phantasy: Avatar of Bhaal removed Realm Phantasy removed Nagash: The Way Home Multipart: 8 parts. (Mara Jade) removed Luna removed Multipart: 2 parts. (Lady Death) removed Darklords removed Multipart: 2 parts. (Danger Girl) removed Blood Lust Multipart: 2 parts. (An Elf Maiden's Tale) removed An Elf Maiden's Christmas Burnt Toast About Time Sexual Dynamite (part 1) removed Tough Love Time Flies Actions Speak Louder Than Words An Ancient and a Thief Moonlight Loving Deep Passions removed Sister Act removed Cat Scratch Fever removed Cat Burglars The First Multipart: 2 parts. (A Little Something For Those Cold, Lonely Nights) Skuldings
Changes on 06-21-2000:
  Magical Pretty Taboo Better Late than Never Vacation A Love Like No Other A Rainy Summer Night Too Much to Resist Multipart: 2 parts. (Night in Saffron City) Yuffie's Chocobo Aphrodisiac Powder Wine makes you do crazy things Bonds Magical Nights (Part 1)
Changes on 06-20-2000:
  removed JoyPoke removed Shadowplay removed Better Late Than Never removed Reawakening removed Pest Control removed Office Girl Akane removed Magical Girl Akane
Changes on 11-07-1999:
  Touch me gently Victory's Spoils The Red Light at the end of the Universe Shinji's Punishment Multipart: 3 parts. (Tentacula) Whitney Reynolds (The Importance of Dental Hygiene) terra and celes' love Touya no shinjitsu no kimochi (Touya's True Feelings) Jealousy
Changes on 10-24-1999:
  Dawning of a New Day Multipart: 4 parts. (Rock 'n' Roll 1/2) Love, Lust, and... Tentacles?! Hatred Wow! My Goddess! (Part One: Divine Longing)
Changes on 10-15-1999:
  While You Were Gone (A Pitcher of LEMONade) The Half-Sister Teacher, Teacher, may I Fuck You? Secret Experiment SNK meets CAPCOM (Part 1) Battle Royale (Lacking Royalty)
Changes on 10-14-1999:
  This is the life Lina and Naga: Partners Chivalry & Treachery The Masked Men Nerima Does Kodachi (Part 1: Jailhouse Rock) The Arena - Side Story Multipart: 3 parts. (A moan... What the hell is that ?) removed A Furry Couple
Changes on 10-11-1999:
  Love in the Forest Dance with the Devil After the Rain Multipart: 7 parts. (Dark Queen's Reign)
Changes on 10-08-1999:
  Multipart: 2 parts. (SEX) A to Z First Night The Truth Comes Out A Dish Best Served Cold Multipart: 2 parts. (Sailor Venus/Captain America: Passing the Torch) Love Potion #69 Summer Colds
Changes on 10-05-1999:
  Completion Multipart: 5 parts. (Angel) Selphie's night off A Cold Starry Night More than Friends
Changes on 10-04-1999:
  A Midnight Walk... Multipart: 2 parts. (Sasami's Quest) Because I Love Tenchi The Last Order SPC Hentai Tales (1: At long last! Our first time.) Darien's Visit Multipart: 8 parts. (A New Song) The Neko-ken Multipart: 2 parts. (Mistletoe) Bulbasaur's Vengeance Ruto's Gift The Blade and the Cherry Blossom Squall's Other Side The Untold Story (Part 1: Thank You's - A Graduation Gift) Multipart: 5 parts. (Trinity) We Have To Tell Them This Had To Happen...(Sooner or later) I love you Son Goku Multipart: 4 parts. (Demon Beast Invasion) Multipart: 4 parts. (The Fighting Girls Lemon Mega Mix: Revenge of the Demon Blade) Multipart: 6 parts. (Silvermane's Adventures) Final Fantasy Crossover Melding Artie and Ryo get caught Private Celebration Todokanu Omoi ("My friend's love-thoughts that cannot be delivered") Magical Girl Akane
Changes on 10-03-1999:
  Madness takes Hold -- Rape Blame it on the Moon Metroid Constant Craving Reeny's crush for Darien (part 1) Endless Torrid Night Sword Practice Forgiveness Multipart: 3 parts. (Divine Intervention) We all have needs Meowth gets a bath I am Legend Geobreeders: No freaking way! Sex Education Akane/Butterfree
Changes on 08-22-1999:
  Multipart: 2 parts. (Eimi's Wish Come True)
Changes on 08-19-1999:
  No Need For Permission! Multipart: 3 parts. (A Night With Amy)
Changes on 08-07-1999:
  The Woman Within--Night of the Age Switch The Terrible Tendo Trio Roommates Reunited Afura Mann - The Magnificent Babe Sakura's Weird experience
Changes on 08-01-1999:
  Video Boy Nekro For The Love of Kiyone (Interlude: Make Love to Me....) The Gift Little Boys with Bad Intent Improbable Sephiroth, Meteor, Holy, Then ... DBZ Lemon The Night the Sorceress of Lust Came Calling Aa!! Megami-sama Night
Changes on 07-31-1999:
  Multipart: 3 parts. (Urusei Yatsura Xenophilia) Multipart: 3 parts. (Moonblade) Horsea's Play Time Nightmare's End, Dream's Beginning....The Lemon Story....
Changes on 07-30-1999:
  Multipart: 2 parts. (Hot Spring, Hot Passion) Multipart: 9 parts. (Rini's Change of Fortune) Marriage Made in ...? The New Goddess
Changes on 07-29-1999:
  To Protect There's More to Life... The Love of a Princess Pokemon, a new experience! Pokemon Gangbang PokeSex PikaCHU!! Multipart: 3 parts. (My Lover is a Pokemon) Lara's Pokemon Adventure Part One JoyPoke First Times Brock gets some Birthday Surprise An Interesting Twist Multipart: 5 parts. (No Need For Shinji) Athena's Romance A Frozen Flower Warmed by the Planet Coaxes, Gate Keys and Automobiles
Changes on 07-28-1999:
  Sweet Beginnings The Machine Two Hearts Beating as One Inner crisis, Outer conflict Fall Arousal to the 5th power Time for Reckoning Multipart: 3 parts. (Not Ranma 1/2) Misato Massage Glad As Hell You Woke Up! Better Late Than Never Office Girl Akane
Changes on 07-05-1999:
  Multipart: 4 parts. (Predator/Prey) Multipart: 7 parts. (King Neon Successor Report!) Multipart: 4 parts. (Cross-Dimensional Demon Attack!)
Changes on 07-04-1999:
  Ranma - Let's Fuck! Three Sisters' Tails (Part 1: The Bitch, the Slut and the Lesbian)
Changes on 05-11-1999:
  The Pendant Multipart: 2 parts. (Naga and I...) Storybook Love Open Minded Multipart: 9 parts. (Materia) One Night After Another Check And Mate
Changes on 03-04-1999:
  The rest is history, Silly Minako II The Day After... Retribution IV Kitty Craze No. 1 DRAGONBALL GT LEMON
Changes on 03-03-1999:
  Sailor Moon Fantasies (Tomoe Hotaru) The Japanese Idiot Mamoru Blast From the Past (Part 1) For the Love of Reeny Bedtime for Luna A Slumber Party? Multipart: 7 parts. (The Shikima Interface) Untitled Tough Love Legacy (Part 1: First Hunt)
Changes on 02-19-1999:
  SasamiQuest (part 1) Recall The Teacher and Student Relationship Too Far Heat Campfire
Changes on 02-18-1999:
  Second Time First Time Tender Loving Care Free Time Dominance: Esmeraude's Tale Vengeance
Changes on 02-16-1999:
  You're Here, There's Nothing I Fear Multipart: 9 parts. (The Lemonade Punch Series) Can you say "lemon aid"? A Sister's Love Multipart: 2 parts. (Yaku's Surrender)
Changes on 02-11-1999:
  Tentical Romance Multipart: 2 parts. (Seiya, Mamoru and Usagi) Multipart: 3 parts. (Nega Negano) Amazons of Love (Part 1 - The Weddings of Saotome Ranma) Kodaichi no hentai
Changes on 02-09-1999:
  Graviton Ghouls Pest Control
Changes on 02-08-1999:
  Temptation Silly Minako Sailors at Sea Revelation Out of the Past Aino Minako's Fabulous Life Part II That's What A Tail's For The Truth Comes Out Fulfillment Revisions (Revisions Part II) Only Tonight Nameki-jin rabupuree Gohan's First Time DNA-2 Multipart: 3 parts. (Wishes and Dreams)
Changes on 12-05-1998:
  Multipart: 2 parts. (No Need For A Long Patrol!) Mugen Tenchi Muyo! (Episode 12.5: No Need For A Honeymoon!) Multipart: 11 parts. (Aikan Muyo) Multipart: 3 parts. (The Object of One's Desire (Unofficial Sequel)) Misunderstanding! Multipart: 2 parts. (You Know My Seed)
Changes on 11-14-1998:
  Garden of the Arcane Delights Guns
Changes on 11-13-1998:
  Multipart: 3 parts. (H Adventures Series) Eimi's Story Beautiful dreams... Vengeance! The Second Katsuragi Expedition Distant Love Vegeta
Changes on 11-12-1998:
  To Dream
Changes on 11-06-1998:
  Some Fun on the Road Amelia's Training Nothing Wrong With this Picture Night with an Angel The Lucky Stiff Shadowplay Cat Scrap Fever Ranma 1/2 & Tenchi Muyo (Jusenkyo Muyo!) Evangelion & KOF & Nadesico (Episode 26B: Hedgehog's Wish) A Demon's Gotta Do What a...
Changes on 11-05-1998:
  Multipart: 6 parts. (Gratuitous Sex)
Changes on 10-18-1998:
  Multipart: 4 parts. (The Object of One's Desire)
Changes on 08-23-1998:
  removed 2 Into 1
Changes on 08-12-1998:
  The Reward
Changes on 08-11-1998:
  Drawing Blood Multipart: 18 parts. (A Remarkable Destiny) Multipart: 13 parts. (Sailors Enslaved) Picture-Perfect Paying the Price Love Energy Dark Kingdom Discipline Shampoo, the Window, and the Weekend.... Moonlight's Gift Multipart: 3 parts. (Fragmentation) Well Kept Secrets (Part 1) Caution: Slippery When Wet Their First Time Revelation Cloud and Aeris Well Wrapped
Changes on 08-10-1998:
  Desperate Measures Multipart: 2 parts. (When All Else Fails) In the Middle of a Rainy Summer Night The New Engagement 2 Into 1 Enough to Heal
Changes on 04-18-1998:
  The Test Episode 12.5: A Main Course Of Lemon, In Spite of Company Rules A Furry Couple
Changes on 04-17-1998:
  Cats And Cradles Beauty is As Fleeting As a Rose The Demon With the Ten Tentacles ChibiUsa Loses Her Virginity 12 Hours With A Senshi Like Squid For Enema Changed History The Morning After Can Really be Interesting The Secret Wish
Changes on 03-04-1998:
  Multipart: 2 parts. (Whispered Dreams) Alive
Changes on 02-20-1998:
  Multipart: 2 parts. (Lita's Adventure) Why Dr. Tofu's Glasses Always Fog Up Suri Mai Family Stone Multipart: 2 parts. (Wet Dreams - Again!) Multipart: 4 parts. (The Misato Chronicles) Realm Phantasy
Changes on 02-19-1998:
  removed The Morning After removed The Kitties are Restless removed Little More Time With You removed A Walk in the Rain KAWAIBO!: Cute Has Learned to Kill... Multipart: 2 parts. (At The Carrot Patch) The Search for the Platinum Cloth One Shots No. 8 - Silent Mobius Renie's Big Adventure Don't Call Me 'Kawauikune!' Reflection Spoil of War Victoria's Tale The Undead: Power Vacuum The Undead: John's Tale The Ambition of Nagash Servant of Nagash Realm Phantasy: Avatar of Bhaal Nagash: The Way Home Darklords Blood Lust Gokou-san's Honeymoon Multipart: 4 parts. (Something Wicked This Way Comes)
Changes on 01-21-1998:
  Emotional Rescue
Changes on 01-15-1998:
  The Morning After Little More Time With You Fire In The Blood
Changes on 01-14-1998:
  Stake Through The Heart An Elf Maiden's Christmas
Changes on 01-13-1998:
  Kuno's Secret Affair
Changes on 01-12-1998:
  Cherish Ascending Changes side story: the wedding night
Changes on 01-11-1998:
  The Kitties are Restless One Christmas Night Victory Of Love Multipart: 4 parts. (The deaths of the Sailor Senshi) Sometimes a Fantasy Sex Saga Luna
Changes on 01-09-1998:
  Willful Hearts SUBTERRANEO Team Pink vs. Mirenna the Usurper
Changes on 01-07-1998:
  Nekophobia Side Story: Nabiki, Ranma, and Akane Multipart: 3 parts. (Insignificant) Careless Destiny
Changes on 01-06-1998:
  Multipart: 13 parts. (The Galataea Syndrome) A Walk in the Rain Rescue Me Multipart: 2 parts. (Love Me for What I Am) Wet Dreams
Changes on 01-04-1998:
  Demon-Beast Tales
Changes on 01-03-1998:
  I Kensou, You Kensou, We All Kensou!
Changes on 12-27-1997:
  Multipart: 2 parts. (Soul of Fire) See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Me Ukyou and Shampoo get down on Ranma
Changes on 12-25-1997:
  Mercury Rising
Changes on 12-18-1997:
  Darkened Dreams (Part 1: The Release ) The Dancing Lesson It Had to Happen
Changes on 12-15-1997:
  Nighttime Triangle Tangle Multipart: 3 parts. (MST/C&C: No Need For Shinji)
Changes on 12-11-1997:
  One Thing Or Another Boy's Night NARRABUNDAH & Ranma 1/2 (NARRABUNDAH 1/2) No Battle's Today
Changes on 12-08-1997:
  Shattered Crystal Memories (Chapter 1: A Forgotten moment)
Changes on 12-06-1997:
  Lustful Lustful Wishes
Changes on 11-30-1997:
  Multipart: 2 parts. (Ranma Lust)
Changes on 11-28-1997:
  Multipart: 2 parts. (Aijin Muyo)
Changes on 11-27-1997:
  Multipart: 7 parts. (Zero-G Love) Multipart: 2 parts. (Happy Pill) Gunpowder and Metal
Changes on 11-26-1997:
  Sanctuary Revelations Quatre: Exposed!! Making Music I Looked Up To See The Earth's Shadow And Saw The Blood Red Moon
Changes on 11-24-1997:
  Fullfilled Dreams Fulfillment
Changes on 11-21-1997:
  What Are Dreams And What Are Nightmares If The Waking Hours Are Filled With Blackness? Survival and Pleasure And Pain Night Pleasures An End and a Beginning
Changes on 11-20-1997:
  Multipart: 2 parts. (F^3 Angel) Firery Lovers Tenchi Muyo! & Neon Genesis Evangelion (Surreptitious Encounters)
Changes on 11-10-1997:
  Multipart: 5 parts. (Gratuity) One Good Twist... Deserves another.
Changes on 10-27-1997:
  Ranma 1/2 Lemon, Bedtime Stories (Part 1: Rubber P-chan, You're The One.. That Makes Bathtime So Much Fun..) Trapped
Changes on 10-18-1997:
  Multipart: 3 parts. (Attack of the Full Moon Fiend) This One's on the House
Changes on 10-11-1997:
  Special Dreams The Magical Martial Artist (Lesson One: PRIDE AND POWER) Getting Together (Chapter #1: One Night at the Tendo Dojo) Fuu - Behind the Green Door Multipart: 16 parts. (The Seduction Of Ataru)
Changes on 09-30-1997:
  Multipart: 2 parts. (Makoto's harem)
Changes on 09-29-1997:
  Love and a Soul Sword
Changes on 09-26-1997:
  Sweet dreams [are made of this]
Changes on 09-25-1997:
  Minako Mako Ami-chan "We Need to Relax..."
Changes on 09-14-1997:
  Strange Dreams Shampooing a Moose A Dream Two Godai Four
Changes on 09-10-1997:
  Multipart: 9 parts. (The Prince And The Lecher) The Next Step
Changes on 09-06-1997:
  Sailor Gay! Christmas at Sub-Zero
Changes on 09-05-1997:
  Multipart: 9 parts. (Ranma .05)
Changes on 09-02-1997:
  Touched by an Angel Multipart: 2 parts. (The Lust Series) Strength of Love One Hot Summer Day Lessons Hearts Unwound Games Multipart: 5 parts. (Evening at Lita's) Changes Burning Heart Artemis Apassionata Always and Forever A Weekend
Changes on 09-01-1997:
  Multipart: 10 parts. (Sailor Moon Hentai) Multipart: 4 parts. (Real Love) Past Lovers Mistaken Gender Love and Other Strange People - Alternate Universe Multipart: 5 parts. (Love and Other Strange People) Lace Covered Love It's Not Okay Evolutions - My only Love Multipart: 7 parts. (Anniversary)
Changes on 08-31-1997:
  Multipart: 7 parts. (Usagi's usual morning) Multipart: 7 parts. (Heavy Genesis)
Changes on 08-27-1997:
  Multipart: 3 parts. (Side Tails) The Trouble With Twins (Part 1)
Changes on 08-26-1997:
  Ataru's Girls Daydreams A Matter of Control Multipart: 2 parts. (H Tails) Multipart: 6 parts. (Story Of Q)
Changes on 08-25-1997:
  In the Belly of the Crow
Changes on 08-24-1997:
  The Claiming of Ran-chan The Richter Scale Multipart: 2 parts. (MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 6.7) Wild Horse Charging into the Mist Multipart: 5 parts. (Father Figure) The Cutey Honey Sleep Tight Story Multipart: 4 parts. (Ranma 1/2 & Urusei Yatsura: Swordplay)
Changes on 08-23-1997:
  The Seduction of Minamino Shuuichi Waiting Special Vehicle Nights Helping Paws Seductive Muse Suds Multipart: 7 parts. (Mune Knight) Ecstatic Vision Multipart: 2 parts. (Dreams) Private Lessons Catharsis May In September It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas Revenge of the Pumas A Typical Night at the Station
Changes on 08-22-1997:
  Multipart: 2 parts. (YYH Fairy Tales) Multipart: 3 parts. (Hentai Adept) A Real Man II: Consequences
Changes on 08-21-1997:
  Lodoss lemon Multipart: 9 parts. (Ranma 1/2-Ranko 1/2: Marital Arts) Yearnings
Changes on 08-20-1997:
Changes on 08-19-1997:
  Jagan Friends And Enemies Encircled
Changes on 08-18-1997:
  Warm Body, Aching Heart NightFall
Changes on 08-16-1997:
  Tonight, A Night, One Night Love in September Multipart: 2 parts. (Miyuki-chan in HentaiLand)
Changes on 08-15-1997:
  Washyuu's Revenge The Price One Pays Multipart: 2 parts. (Interlude) Ah! My Pigtailed Goddess!
Changes on 08-14-1997:
  Kuusou : Kurama Hatsu Koi The Kidnapping Love In My Dream Kagato's Revenge La Blue Scout Demonic Encounter A First Time For Everything Wistful Dreams Why Do We Fight? Real Reasons Ranma 2096 (Undying Love) Ukyou: Warped Reflections Ukyo's Kitten The Sordid Sounds Of Silence Runaround Return Of The Instant Nannichuan Ranma No Hentai! Multipart: 7 parts. (Ranma Nibun no Ichi lemon series) Ranma 1/1 Power Phoneography Passion Spice...? Only Two Thousand Yen! Nullifier 122 No Control Modesty Lemonade side story (Maison Bailesu -- The interlude) Lonely at Heart Kendo Club Hot Wax On A Cold Winter Afternoon Multipart: 2 parts. (Gaijin in Nerima) Fetti Demoness With the Green Eyes Cat In The Shower Camping Blurred Edges After Hours A Real Man Multipart: 3 parts. (Retribution) Who do you Love? The Green Castle One Night Sister Act Cat Scratch Fever Cat Burglars Ranma 1/2 & Video Girl Ai (VideoGirl) Ranma 1/2 & Red Shoe Diary (Red Shoe Kasumi) Fatal Fury & Rurouni Kenshin (Kage No Mai) Fluff Reawakening Pfil's Spider Troubles Wow, My Goddess! Koi No Tane Divine Passion
Changes on 08-13-1997:
  Multipart: 5 parts. (Ranma 1/2: The Lemon Series) Ranko, Abandoned No More Mamono Hunter Ranma - Side Story BubbleGum Pink: Raging Fires

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