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	I did this simply because I've always wanted to see a good story involving Makoto and 
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      by JP

	Ami rose to answer the door, wondering who could have knocked.  Her parents had left 
for a weekend seminar earlier that day, and she was taking advantage of the quiet.  She 
crossed the family room and smoothed the tan fabric of her slacks with an annoyed sigh.  
The unexpected guest had interrupted her favorite part of War and Peace.  It had better be

	The slight frown faded into a smile as the door opened to reveal Makoto.  The tall 
auburn haired girl was wearing a dark green turtleneck and black, knee-length skirt.  Her arms 
were cradling a pair of schoolbooks and she grinned at Ami.  "Hi, Ami-chan.  Are you ready to 
	"Start?"  Ami stared blankly at Makoto, wondering what on earth she could be referring 
to.  After a moment, the memory clicked and she gasped quietly.  "Oh, I'd forgotten -- you had 
that extra project for science.  I'm sorry...please, come in."  She stepped aside to admit her 
friend and closed the door after her.  Makoto stopped to remove her shoes and followed Ami into 
the family room.  The ersatz hostess gestured to the couch.  "Go ahead and sit down; I'll go get
my books.  Would you like something from the kitchen?"
	Makoto set her books on the glass-topped table in the center of the room and tucked a 
stray strand of hair behind one ear.  "I wouldn't mind some water, if it's no trouble."  Ami 
smiled and nodded as she walked down the short hallway to her room.  She reappeared briefly with 
a thick book under one arm and crossed into the dining room.  The sound of clinking glassware 
was followed by a glurpglurp of water being poured.  After a short interval of silence, 
Ami reappeared with the glass in one hand and the massive volume under the other.  She handed 
the drink to Makoto and sat on the opposite end of the couch.
	"I'm really very sorry, Mako-chan," Ami said as she laid the book before her on the 
cushion.  "My parents left town this afternoon, and I've been so busy helping them get ready 
since I got home from school your project just slipped out.  By the time they were ready to go, 
all I could think about was relaxing with a good book."
	Makoto smiled and waved in a dismissive gesture.  "Don't let it bother you, Ami-chan.  
I'm just grateful for your help; my grade really needs the boost."  She cocked her head and 
studied her friend.  "When did you buy that sweater?  I've never seen you wear it before."
	Ami looked down at herself and fingered the dark blue knit.  The garment was loose 
fitting, with a high collar and sleeves that nearly covered Ami's delicate hands.  It was joined 
in the middle by a row of matching pearlescent buttons.  "I didn't buy it.  It was a birthday 
gift, from my aunt."     
	"It looks beautiful on you.  The shade matches your hair so well." 
	Ami turned her head slightly and a faint blush appeared on her cheeks.  "Thanks, Mako-
chan."  She opened the book in front of her and stretched her arms out over her head.  "Now, 
where is it that you want to start?"

	Makoto sighed and rubbed the bridge of her nose.  They'd been studying for the past two 
hours and she was still struggling to remember.  "Next is...silver, and the symbol is, uhm, Ag, 
right?"  Ami nodded and Makoto sighed again, this time in relief.  "I'm starting to understand 
why Usagi-chan is so bad at this stuff."
	"Well, you're not quite as poor a student as her," Ami laughed.  Turning serious, she 
propped her elbow on the back of the couch and rested her head on the heel of her hand.  "But 
you do seem distracted, Mako-chan.  Is something the matter?"  The moment the words came out of 
her mouth, Ami realized she had hit on something.  Makoto tensed and looked at the floor.  She 
bit her lower lip and her hands twisted at the hem of her skirt.  Ami scooted forward and laid a 
hand on Makoto's arm.  She felt her friend jump at her touch.  "Mako-chan?  What is it?"
	Feeling the warmth of Ami's hand on her forearm, Makoto was paralyzed by indecision for 
what felt like an eternity.  Finally, she took a deep breath and steeled herself.  "Ami-
chan...I..."  Oh, come on, just do it! she chided herself.  "I didn't want to come here 
just to work on my project.  There's something more important, something I could only say to 
you…alone."  Makoto reached over and took Ami's hand from her arm.  She held it in both of her 
own, gently caressing the fingers.  "For a long time, I've wondered how to put it into words, or 
if I'd ever be brave enough to tell you.  I know we've all become close friends since we started 
fighting as senshi, but…I feel something more."  With one last shaky breath, Makoto stepped over 
the edge from which she couldn't return.  She closed her eyes, placed a delicate kiss on Ami's 
palm, and whispered words came out in a rush. "I love you, more than anything, and I want to be 
with you in every way possible."
	Ami sat, stunned into immobility.  Makoto's confession was simply too much to absorb at 
once.  Makoto's eyes opened, verdant and sparkling with the beginnings of tears - and a glimmer 
of hope.  Instinctively, Ami's hand pulled back and covered her mouth.  She watched as the hope 
was snuffed from her friend's eyes, and her face began to fall.  Her gaze broke from Ami's and 
she hurriedly began picking up her books.  "I-I'm sorry, Ami, that was stupid of me, I should 
never have…have come here…" she stammered.  Her face was flushed crimson as Makoto scrambled for 
her books and stood from the couch.  She was nearly to the entryway before Ami found her voice.
	"Mako-chan, wait…please," she murmured, her voice barely more than a whisper.  Her 
paralysis broke with the words and she turned to face Makoto.  The redhead stood before the 
doorway leading out to the front.  Her shoulders were shaking visibly, and white-tipped fingers 
held the books in her arms.  Ami moved from the couch and stopped behind her friend.  She 
reached a hand out to turn Makoto to face her, but the other girl resisted.  Ami pulled more 
insistently, and this time her efforts were partially successful.  Although Makoto still 
wouldn't look at her, Ami could now see the tracks of the few tears that had escaped.  Her heart 
wrenched; slowly, carefully, she lifted a hand to Makoto's face and wiped at the hot moisture.  
	The brush of Ami's fingers on her face caused Makoto to turn toward the blue haired 
girl.  Ami's hand shifted to the other side of her face and dried that cheek as well.  Having 
finished her task, the shorter girl tugged the books free from Makoto's now-slack grasp and 
stepped away to set them on the couch.  She returned to her previous position and held her 
friend's eyes with her own.  "You startled me, very much, Mako-chan.  But I can see how you may 
have…misunderstood my reaction, and I'm sorry for that."  Reading the puzzlement in her face, 
Ami gave a tiny smile and took Makoto's hands.  "I never said 'no'."
	Puzzlement was briefly replaced by shock, which then faded into a sort of neutral hope.  
"D'you…I mean, you really…really want to?"
	Ami leaned in toward Makoto, pushing herself up on tiptoe until their faces were 
millimeters apart.  Makoto could feel her hot breath tickling her cheek, the scent of soap, 
shampoo and a trace of perfume filling her nose.  "What do you think?" Ami whispered.  With 
that, she closed the distance and their lips met.
	Makoto felt a weight dissolve from her heart.  Reveling in the feel of the kiss, she 
cautiously probed forward with her tongue.  She'd never tried that with a guy, but the evening 
was so unreal already it hardly seemed to matter.  Ami's lips resisted at first, unsure, but 
after a second they parted and her own tongue darted forward to meet Makoto's.  The muscles 
danced and twined with each other, as the pair stood, motionless save for their mouths.
	They remained poised there, touching only at hands and lips.  Finally, after what seemed 
an eternity, Ami relented to the growing stiffness in her calves and lowered herself to the 
ground, breaking the kiss.  She bit her lower lip and looked up at Makoto.  "Do you feel better, 
Mako-chan?"  Unable to bring herself around to speaking just yet, the other simply nodded and 
smiled.  "That's good to know," Ami continued, returning the smile.  "Now, if we're going 
to…proceed…then maybe we should go to my room."  She released one hand and turned to lead her 
friend and newfound lover to her bedroom.  "My parents aren't due back for two days, but any 
more surprise visitors could be embarrassing if we stay out here."  They left the living room 
and traveled the short distance down the hallway to Ami's door.  She walked Makoto to the foot 
of the bed, turning and closing the door behind her.  They faced each other once again.  "So, 
uhm, what do we do next?"
	The redhead was caught short by the question.  She hadn't really considered how it might 
play out, should Ami accept her.  Although she'd fantasized about this often enough, she wasn't 
sure how to apply those daydreams to the pleasantly shocking reality she was now faced with.  
"Well, I guess we undress."  She glanced to the side and a wicked smile flitted over her face.  
"Or…we could undress each other."
	The thought of Makoto's hands slipping her clothing away and caressing her bare skin 
stoked the warmth building in Ami's abdomen and she felt it spreading down between her legs.  "I 
think I like that idea.  Which of us will start?"
	"Let me."  Though unsure of how to begin, Makoto nonetheless stepped closer and raised 
her hands.  After a moment's thought, she settled on a course and proceeded.  Her fingers found 
the buttons of Ami's sweater, slowly working down the line.  When the last one had been undone, 
she eased her hands beneath the cloth and pushed it out to her shoulders.  Her touch felt as if 
it left trails of fire on Ami's skin, causing the other girl to gasp softly.  Makoto allowed the 
garment to fall away to Ami's elbows.  She paused to take in the sight of Ami's cotton-cupped 
breasts.  The white fabric was patterned with a floral print, and a trim of lace ran along the 
straps and down the top of the cups.  Ami looked aside self-consciously, knowing her own bosom 
was nowhere as impressive as Makoto's.  Her lover, undaunted by Ami's reticence, trailed a 
fingertip across the upper slope of her right breast.  Ami gasped hard, her head whipping around 
to the front again.  Makoto leaned forward and trailed a series of lingering kisses around Ami's 
neck, her hand still tracing idle patterns over her chest.  When she had completed the 
semicircle, the redhead leaned further in and nuzzled against the crook of Ami's shoulder.  Her 
free hand rested on Ami's shoulder, and she felt her partner's hands caressing her sides.  
	Makoto decided that it was time to move her attentions to further areas.  Her own 
panties had been moistening since the first, long kiss in the family room, and judging from the 
noises Ami-chan was making now, hers couldn't be far behind.  Her hands left off their duties 
above, only to begin working on the slim belt Ami was wearing.  After a bit of fumbling, she 
undid the buckle and proceeded to the button and zipper beneath.  Within moments, the slacks 
fell to the floor with a soft whoosh and Ami stepped out of them.   Makoto lifted her head and 
looked down to Ami's crotch, confirming her suspicions.  The pale blue cotton was quite damp in 
the center.  "We'll simply have to do something about that, Ami-chan," she said with a giggle.  
"But first…" She reached around to the clasp of Ami's bra and popped it free.  With exaggerated 
care, Makoto slid the straps over her friend's shoulders and down her arms.  One last push freed 
both the undergarment and the still-present sweater.  As the discarded garments fell, Makoto 
stood transfixed at the sight of Ami's naked chest.  
	Her breasts, though small, were still firm and noticeable.  The nipples, surrounded by 
nickel-sized aureolae, were stiff from her arousal.  Raising her eyes to meet Ami's, she gently 
cupped her hand around the bottom of her left breast.  The blue haired girl moaned and pulled 
her love closer, locking her in a kiss that was as fierce as the first had been cautious.  
Makoto whimpered and slid her free hand around to the small of Ami's back, thrilling to the feel 
of their jutting nipples pressed against one another.  As their tongues resumed the duet, 
Makoto's left hand joined the right.  Together, they slid slowly down to the waistband of her 
panties and beyond.  The supple flesh was perfectly smooth beneath her hands.  Ami responded to 
her touch with a soft cry of passion.  Makoto lifted two fingers clear of the elastic and tugged 
down.  The soaked, blue cotton was left atop the rest of Ami's discarded clothing, leaving her 
nude before Makoto.  Reluctantly leaving her embrace, the redhead stepped back to take in the 
sight of Ami's body.  "Ami-chan…you're so beautiful, even more than I had imagined."  Unsure of 
herself and embarrassed by the praise, she blushed and clasped her hands together in front of 
the small feathery thatch of bluish pubic hair between her legs.  Makoto placed her lover's 
hands on her shoulders and kissed the tip of her nose.  "Your turn, Ami-chan."
	Ami trailed her hands down Makoto's chest, pausing over the swell of her breasts.  She 
massaged the firm globes through the thin tee shirt and brassiere, eliciting a sigh of pleasure.  
Continuing their journey, her hands reached the waist of Makoto's skirt and slid around her 
flanks.  They met just above her backside and proceeded to gather the skirt up.  When she 
reached the hemline, Ami tucked her hands beneath and hooked her fingers through Makoto's satin 
undergarments.  She gently tugged the scarlet panties to the floor, then straightened as the 
tall redhead kicked them aside.  Ami again reached for the skirt's rear, this time sliding the 
tiny zipper down to its end.  Before allowing it to fall, however, she held it up with one hand 
and slipped the other beneath.  Her fingertip traced down the inner curve of one buttock, 
drawing perilously close to the other girl's sex.  The nearness of her touch caused Makoto to 
shudder and cry out.  When her finger was mere centimeters from contact, Ami reversed direction 
and traveled upward again, releasing the skirt as she did so.  
	Her hands now free, she grasped the lower hem of her friend's pine-green shirt and 
slowly pulled upward.  Makoto obediently lifted her arms as Ami struggled to get the shirt clear 
of her head.  Standing on tiptoe, she found her reach fractionally too short.  She tried and 
failed to stifle a giggle at the sight of Makoto half-naked, arms stretched overhead and stuck.  
The giggle gave way to a fit of laughter as she watched her friend try to work her way free.  
"Very funny, Ami-chan," Makoto said, her voice muffled by the shirt.  "Now help me out of this, 
would you?"
	Struggling to control her laughter, Ami tapped one finger against the corner of her 
mouth.  "Oh, I don't know, Mako-chan.  This presents some tempting possibilities," she giggled.  
"I've always wondered if you were ticklish."  Before Makoto could react, Ami grabbed her ribs 
and tickled her mercilessly.  Makoto let out a shriek and backpedaled.  She stumbled across the 
floor, fetching up against the closet door, vainly seeking escape.  Ami followed a step away, 
her hands roaming her lover's abdomen, making sure to steer Makoto away from the shelves holding 
fragile things.  
	In seconds they were both laughing madly as they careened about the room.  Finally, with 
Makoto trapped in a corner with no avenue of escape, Ami relented and paused to catch her 
breath.  When both had subsided to the occasional titter, she decided it was time to continue 
with their purpose.  She ran a finger along one cup of the red strapless bra supporting Makoto's 
full breasts.  A sharp intake of breath came from beneath the shirt and her efforts at escaping 
from it slowed noticeably.  Ami's finger traced to the side of the cup and switched back along 
the upper edge.  Slowly trailing along the lace trim, she reached the center of Makoto's chest 
and the clasp that held the scarlet satin in place.  Tentatively she worked it free and let the 
bra fall away.  "There we are.  Now, let's get you out of that thing."  The taller girl stepped 
backwards and leaned toward her lover, allowing Ami to tug the shirt over her head and away.  
She straightened and they stood before one another, each lost in studying the other's body.  
Finally, Makoto broke the stillness, taking Ami's hands and gently urging her to the bed behind 
	Reaching the mattress's edge, Ami sat and slowly lay back, pulling her feet in toward 
her.  Makoto bent forward and crawled onto the mattress on all fours.  As she approached, she 
placed her hands on Ami's knees and slowly parted her legs.  The sight of her glistening sex 
amidst the blue curls held Makoto rapt.  She'd never actually seen another girl so closely, 
though she had caught a few glances in baths and changing during school.  She edged forward 
until she was positioned directly over Ami, her hands planted on either side of the short halo 
of blue hair.  Makoto hesitated, staring into Ami's crystal blue eyes.  "Ami-chan…I've wanted 
you for so long.  I just can't believe…this seems so unreal."  She bit her lip to fight back a 
sudden spate of tears.  "I'm afraid…afraid it's just gonna end and I'll wake up at home, 
alone…like always."
	Ami reached up and stroked a hand along Makoto's cheek.  "Don't cry, Mako-chan; you're 
not in a dream, and you won't be alone when you wake up tomorrow.  Now, please, do what you've 
wished to for so long.  I want you to have me, that way."  Her words brought a shaky smile to 
her lover's troubled visage and relief flooded the emerald pools of her eyes.  The last traces 
of doubt were swept beneath a flood of love and desire as Makoto began following in the course 
of her most closely guarded fantasy.
	Slowly, she lowered her body until her dangling breasts brushed against Ami's.  The 
other girl moaned softly at the sensation, closing her eyes as the heat of pleasure was fanned 
within her.  Makoto gently swayed back and forth, the touch of her lover's stiffened nipples 
like a fiery touch on her sensitive aureolae.  She shifted onto her elbows, allowing their 
bodies to press against one another.  The redhead leaned forward and craned her neck until she 
was centimeters from Ami's ear.  Her tongue darted out and flicked over the lobe, receiving a 
flinch and a startled squeak in return.  Grinning at Ami's response, she licked again, this time 
on her neck just below the ear.  The results were less vehement than the first, and a kiss to 
the same spot immediately after reduced Ami to a soft cooing.  Makoto continued alternating use 
of her lips and tongue, making glacier-slow progress down the smooth flesh of her neck.
When she reached the upper slopes of Ami's breasts, Makoto paused to reposition herself, rising 
back onto her hands, which she moved to either side of Ami's ribcage, and sitting back with her 
feet tucked beneath her bottom.  She bent forward and kissed just above the brown aureole of 
Ami's left breast.  Ami moaned, and Makoto felt the sound through her lips.  Increasing her pace 
slightly, she planted kisses all about the quivering nipple, teasingly close but making sure to 
avoid contact.  Every touch brought another gasp or sigh from her love, each stronger than the 
first.  Ami writhed slowly, desperate to feel those lips close around her nub.  The universe 
dwindled until it seemed her entire being was centered about that sole spot, and she ached for 
the expected contact.  Her hands, seeming possessed of their own will, moved to Makoto's head 
and insinuated their fingers in the auburn tresses.  Still she danced away, back, and again 
away.  Ami felt as if she would scream, should the moment be delayed any longer.  Finally, the 
moist heat of Makoto's mouth descended on the small peak.  Bolts of pure pleasure fired through 
Ami's system, and she let out a yell.   During her limited experiments with masturbation, she 
had never made herself feel anything like what she had just experienced.  The sinuous dance of 
her friend's tongue as she suckled on Ami's heaving breast was the most thrilling sensation she 
could remember, and she suspected that even greater heights awaited them.
	As if sensitive to the very thought, Makoto grudgingly began her downward journey once 
again.  Leaving a thin trail of spittle from her nipple, she kissed the underside of Ami's 
bosom.  She traveled the plain of Ami's firm, flat belly, stopping at her navel.  Here Makoto 
once again gave a brief lick to gauge her partner's reaction.  Instead of receiving a squeal 
similar to the one that the attention to her earlobe had produced, she was surprised when Ami 
actually pushed upward slightly, causing the other girl's face to press against her.  Taking 
this as an encouragement, Makoto began nuzzling and kissing deeply at the small indentation.  
Her reward was a slowly building groan from above, which mixed with the wet smacking produced as 
her mouth sucked and probed the soap-scented skin.
	After a few moments of this, another scent began to envelop Makoto and demanded her 
attention.  The musk of Ami's arousal had been building steadily, and her proximity to the 
source made it that much more powerful.  Drawn by the intoxicating aroma and the delights that 
it promised, Makoto lifted her head and looked down to Ami's pubic region.  The blue curls, 
which Makoto could see had been trimmed like her own, to ensure none were visible while in their 
senshi fuku, were now well soaked with the juices of her desire.  She was pulled to the azure 
hairs as if by a magnet.  As she approached, Ami slid to the headboard as far as she could, 
giving Makoto the room to position herself comfortably.  When both were satisfied, Makoto 
lowered her head once more and gazed into her new love's most intimate places.
The fringe of hair, though still sparse, was trimmed, as were Makoto's own, to prevent any from 
accidentally showing while wearing a fuku.  Her clitoris was swollen and peeked out slightly 
from the folds of her girlhood.  Makoto kissed the flesh just above the button, and Ami's shout 
echoed in the small room.  Hands once again gripped her head, the fingers playing with her curls 
as the body squirmed beneath.  Her tongue began to flick and dart around Ami's clit, dancing 
about and teasing again.  The attentions made Ami feel as if a spear of white heat were shooting 
from each touch, each slight caress of Makoto's tongue against her flesh.  Makoto allowed 
herself to brush against the nub, and again, and once more.  Every contact intensified Ami's 
desire, stoking the heady scent now filling the room.  She was groaning steadily now, and could 
feel the beginning of an orgasm within.  Though the sensation was familiar from the occasions 
she had managed to give herself one, it was like comparing a spilt glass of water to a raging 
	Then she felt Makoto lower her focus slightly, though this proved no less pleasurable.  
She began to slowly circle her tongue around Ami's sex, licking at the fluids already 
surrounding the tiny opening.  "Ami-chan, I love your taste," she moaned.  Lost in a haze of 
bliss, Ami's only response was to push her hips into Makoto's face.  Accepting the urging, she 
gently inserted her tongue and sucked greedily.  The room was now filled with the sound of Ami's 
passion; had anyone else been in a nearby room, they would have heard the interlude quite 
clearly.  Makoto continued her assault on Ami's girlhood, her own muffled noises of lust adding 
to the cacophony.  Then, suddenly, she removed her tongue from the warm confines of Ami's vagina 
and returned her concentration to her clitoris.  Rather than leave it unattended, however, 
Makoto began to slowly rub the opening with her right fingers.  She traced circles around the 
edges of the pink flesh for a few moments before carefully inserting the tip of her index 
finger.  Ami's muscles clenched around the invader and she felt the impending storm roar closer, 
faster than before.  The finger eased forward slowly until the second knuckle was held in the 
opening.  Above the tip Makoto could now feel the barrier of her lover's virginity, barring 
further passage.  She began working her finger back and forth, slowly drawing the digit out and 
easing it back inside.  Gradually the pace of bother her tongue and her finger increased, 
driving Ami to maddening heights of pleasure.  Without warning, the imagined wave broke and 
fiery pleasure rolled over her body, surrounding and flooding her.  She gave a final shout, her 
hips thrust up against Makoto once more, and she dropped to the mattress, her fluids streaming 
forth and coating the redhead's hand.  For an age, Ami lay still and quivering, making no sound 
save her gasping breaths, the sensations of her orgasm overpowering her faculties.
	As Ami recovered, Makoto began to clean the other girl's juices from her.  She cleaned 
what she could reach with her fingers, sucking the liquid from them when they became too soaked.  
When she had done what she could manually, she lapped at the pink folds of her labia to catch 
the remainder.  In short order, Makoto had recovered all that she could, and she lifted herself 
to all fours once again.  She crawled forward until she straddled Ami's hips, leaning over to 
cup one cheek in her hand.  Ami opened her eyes at the touch, and a beatific smile lit her 
features.  "Mako-chan, I never thought anything could feel so wonderful."  She held her own hand 
over Makoto's and pressed it to her face.  "I'm glad you decided to tell me how you felt; much 
more so that you showed me.  Now let me give you something in return."
	The touch of Ami's other hand at her crotch gave Makoto a not-unwelcome start.  Her 
eyelids half-closed and she sighed in pleasure.  Ami's fingers seemed unsure as they followed 
the folds down between Makoto's thighs, yet the touch was no less fulfilling for it.  She found 
the rising bud and slowly worked it in tiny circles with her fingertips.  Makoto's response was 
immediate, a long shuddering gasp followed by a wordless noise of excitement.  She threw back 
her head and began grinding her hips slightly against Ami's hand.  The combination of their 
motions stoked her already-blazing arousal, and soon each movement produced an audible squelch 
as Makoto's juices flowed more freely.  Ami began increasing the pace of her 
hand, as well as the area of its motion.  Soon, her fingers were roaming freely the length of 
Makoto's lips.  As they gradually moved faster and faster, Ami decided to return the attention 
she had been given and pushed her middle finger into Makoto.  The redhead cried softly and 
adjusted the motion of her hips to a more vertical axis.  Her fingers being slightly shorter 
than Makoto's, Ami was able to insert most of the length before the other's hymen blocked her.  
As she rocked and ground against her hand, Makoto leaned forward and gave Ami a powerful kiss.  
The tastes of her own orgasmic fluids excited her, and she began working Makoto's sex at a 
frenzied pace.  Makoto broke the contact and once again threw back her head, auburn hair held 
fast to her skin by perspiration.  
	Contrary to Ami's climax, Makoto's was sudden and unanticipated, although no less 
powerful.  She sat straight up and her breath caught in her throat.  Her legs thrust upward, and 
nearly carried her off of the mattress before she settled back.  Feeling as if she had lost all 
strength, she slumped forward over Ami, holding her weight off the other girl by resting on her 
own elbows.  As she rested her head on Ami's shoulder, she was dimly aware of her lover's finger 
sliding from within her, covered in the nectar of her orgasm.  With great effort, Makoto pushed 
herself to the right and collapsed onto the mattress beside Ami.  Catching her breath, she gazed 
into the pure blue pools of Ami's eyes.  Returning her look, Ami smiled impishly and put her 
liquid-soaked fingers between her lips.  She sucked each digit in turn, then licked at her palm 
until it too was cleaned, moaning softly all the while.  "I've always thought you were sweet, 
Mako-chan," she whispered, "but never so literally."  The remark set the girls to giggling, 
which grew to full-out laughter.  After a moment, Ami slowly sat up and studied Makoto.  She 
shook head in mock disappointment and tched softly.  "You're a mess, my darling.  Let me clean 
you up..."  She tugged Makoto's legs toward her, spreading them apart to reveal the soaked area 
within.  With great care and attention, she licked the skin clean, then wiped the remaining 
fluids from her own abdomen and again cleaned her fingers.  When she had completed her task, Ami 
lay beside Makoto again and kissed her gently, letting the other girl taste herself as she had 
done for Ami.

	The girls lay there for some time, Makoto holding Ami from behind and occasionally 
nuzzling and kissing her neck.  After several minutes of comfortable silence, Makoto moved her 
lips next to Ami's ear.  "Ami-chan," she whispered, "will you tell me something?"
	Turning her head slightly behind her, Ami nodded.  "Certainly, Mako-chan.  What is it 
you'd like to ask?"
	Again unsure of herself, Makoto hesitated before continuing.  "Why did you agree to do 
this with me?  I'm glad you did," she added quickly, "but it seems so…impulsive and 
emotional…not at all like you normally are."
	Ami turned to face her directly and considered a second before answering.  "Well, some 
of it was simple curiosity.  I've wondered how it would feel to be…intimate…with another girl.  
When you told me why you had really come here today, I couldn't turn down the chance to 
experience it, especially since I would be with someone who is a close friend already; that made 
it so much more special and exciting."  She paused and Makoto sensed a downturn in her mood.  
"But I didn't do it for myself only.  I also said yes for you, Mako-chan.  Of all five senshi, 
you're the only one with no family to be with you; you've only a few friends aside from us.  
You've always seemed so terribly lonely inside.  When you told me how you felt about me, and I 
saw how much it hurt you to think I was turning you away, I couldn't let you go."  Tears began 
to glisten in the corners of Ami's eyes.  "I just had to stop you, however I could, or it would 
have crushed you.  Then, when we kissed, I realized that I didn't want to be with just anyone 
who happened along.  I wanted you, and you alone; wanted to share myself with you, to give you 
happiness by letting you do all you had hoped to; and to feel you with me, touching me in all 
those wonderful places."  A single drop rolled over her cheek.  "I might not have been able to 
say it honestly before, but I've realized that I love you, too, Makoto."
	Unable to speak through the emotions flooding her, Makoto simply smiled and kissed the 
track of Ami's tear.  She was rewarded by a small yet warm smile from her new love.  Ami turned 
over again and they snuggled closer together, dozing away into private thoughts.  Makoto 
realized that her life would once again be changed drastically and permanently; yet she felt no 
fear, knowing this time she wouldn't have to face those uncertainties alone. 
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