Story Submittal Criteria


New link! The Fan Fiction Formatting Tool. See below for more information.

Are you interested in contributing a story? Please do! Just remember that this is an Anime archive, so anime, manga, game or cartoon-related stories only!

Before submitting a story, please read the following formatting requirements:


This is an absolute must!

    This means:
  • No Word documents
  • No RTF documents
  • No WordPerfect documents
  • No HTML files
  • No compressed files
  • No special characters - standard 7-bit ASCII characters only!

Simple, isn't it? Any story that is not in plain text will be rejected, as we do not have the time to convert files to plain text. Do not use any special characters in your text, such as Word's "SmartQuotes", or any PC-only characters like the '1/2', or copyright '(C)' characters. If your story comes up with funny characters when viewed in a DOS window, then it is not in standard ASCII!


Just like with plaintext requirement, if your submission is not wordwrapped, it will be rejected. Make sure to keep your lines under 72 characters long. This makes it MUCH easier for people to read. Remember, your stories are being read by people using Netscape on Solaris, MSIE on Windows, Opera for Be, or Lynx on Linux, and they don't format your stories for you. If you cannot see your story properly in Netscape, it will not show up properly for anyone else! Just because you have 'Wordwrap' turned on in Notepad does not mean the file is properly formatted.

If you must use Word to write with, try this: use Courier in 10-point size, with 1-inch left and right margins, on a standard 8.5x11" page. When done, save as 'MS-DOS Text with Line Breaks', and it'll leave your work properly formatted!

New! From the Fanfiction Mailing List comes a tool specifically designed to help with getting your story formatted - the Fan Fiction Formatting Tool. Please follow the link for more information.

There's also a few suggestions about making your stories more attractive to possible readers, and not just the formatting. These aren't requirements, but it sure helps the readers.

Unless English is not your first language, there is really no excuse for not having proper spelling in your stories, especially when it's so easy to use an actual word processor to check it for you.

Ditto for grammar. Anyone with any sort of education should know proper grammar, including the proper use of capitalization, punctuation, and especially the correct use of "its"/"it's". If you're using a word processor to write with, most will even check your grammar for you.

Now, to submit a story, please send it to:

And use a subject of

Subject: Sakura Lemon - Story Submission

In your submission, please also include the story's title, your name (or the name you want the story to appear under), your email address (or none, if you do not want it to be posted for people to write to you about your work), and your web page if you would like people to know about it. If you like, you can also add appropriate [tags] (follow this link for a description) so people can see what type of story it is.

Please send your own stories only! If you must send those of another person, please include an email address for the author so that we can contact them for permission to post their work.

(The above email address is for story submissions, comments, and suggestions only. Please do not ask us to send you stories, or to notify you when new stories are posted.)

And now, after all that, please enjoy all the works that we've already got here.

Morisato Belldandy, Submissions Editor
Nakatani Jun, Webmaster